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Brittany is one of metropolitan France's 22 administrative regions. It is managed by a local council, the Brittany Region, which has 2 assemblies: the Regional Council, elected by direct universal suffrage, which decides on regional policy, and the Regional Social and Economic Council which gives its opinion on the main issues that affect the region.
Chaired by Pierrick Massiot, the Regional Council intervenes in most areas that affect daily life in Brittany the future of the region. It seeks to develop the attractiveness of the region and the quality of life for the people who live there through its areas of competence: high school management, professional training, economic development and employment, regional development, research and innovation, transport, tourism, the environment, culture and sport.
Instilled with values that it defines as priority, the region's guiding principles are solidarity, sustainable development, openness to Europe and the world, female-male equality and better access to information technology in most of its missions.

International co-operation
The Region has a policy of firm co-operation with other regions around the world to encourage Brittany's international openness. This strong co-operation can be seen in the development of shared actions within the Region's areas of competence.

Partner regions in Europe
Brittany has co-operation commitments with 3 regions in Europe:
• The Saxony Land (Germany) since 1995, with main themes: training, scientific exchanges, exchanges between young people, culture, European projects;
• Wales (United Kingdom) since 2004, with main themes: town twinning, culture and language, innovation and training, sailing, European projects;
• The Voivodia of Wielkopolska (Poland) since 2005, with main themes: training, culture, town twinning, agriculture, agri-food, European projects.
More theme-based co-operation also occurs from time to time with other regions, notably the Basque Country in France (economic development, centres of excellence, business networks, language policy, European projects), Tuscany in Italy and South Bohemia in the Czech Republic (training).

Partner regions around the world
Brittany has co-operation commitments with 3 regions outside Europe:
• Shandong province (China) since 1985, with main themes: education, training, and higher education, culture (creation of the Institut Confucius de Bretagne in Rennes), sailing, the economy, tourism, sport.
• Analanjirofo Region (Madagascar) since 2007, with main themes: agriculture, fishing, access to water, eco-tourism, local crafts.
• Anosy Region (Madagascar) since 2007, with main themes: maritime activities, health.

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